Our editor, Eric Jacksch, is a huge Twitter fan.  But if you want a good example of why I’m not on Twitter, just ask him about this week.  He might not be a fan much longer.

According to their blog, on Tuesday Twitter announced that Rogers customers in Canada can get their Twitter ‘updates’ through SMS.  Jacksch says he noticed because they suddenly started showing up on his phone.  So he turned them off.  Wednesday they started again.  So he turned them off again.  Thursday the ‘updates’ started flooding his phone but he couldn’t stop them. “I even tried deleting my mobile phone from Twitter,” Jacksch explained, “but the same page that displays my mobile phone number says ‘We couldn’t find a valid device to delete’ when I click the ‘delete’ button. Twitter is badly broken.”

Apparently the twits over at Twitter have a major bug in their system.  Jacksch says he repeatedly sent the ‘off’ and ‘stop’ commands.  Twitter acknowledged them each time but continued to flood his phone with ‘updates’. He opened a ticket with Twitter support and even emailed their public relations people – to no avail. They’re as useful as the south end of a northbound horse.  He finally used Twitter’s ‘sleep’ function to temporarily stem the tide.

I thought I’d call Twitter and get their side of the story.  They’re not in the phone book. Twits.

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  1. kingthorin
    May 08, 2009

    I hope he invoices twitter $0.15 for every message he received when it was supposed to be “off” or “stopped”.

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