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New horizons…

It is with some regret and — I’ll admit it — some relief, that I announce my immediate departure from TECHLife Post.

I was there last October, when TLP started, and have seen the publication through some interesting times.

But the publisher and I have diverged, in our views, on some important issues and it’s time for me to move on.

I hope, with all my heart — because TLP truly has been a labour of love for me — that it goes on to flourish and to attract the wide and faithful following it deserves.

I will miss the excitement of the daily newsgathering routine, my confabs with the columnists and the feeling that I was helping to create something worthwhile that was appreciated by our readers. I feel I succeeded, in overseeing the creation of a quality product.

Thanks to all involved — readers and contributors alike — for your support.

~ Maggie James

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