It might be seen as homage to master conman Frank Abagnale Jr., who went to work for the FBI helping to catch fraud artists after being convicted of passing bad cheques just about everywhere in the world the major airlines fly.

An 18-year-old New Zealand hacker who allegedly caused (US)$20 million worth of damage around the world with an encrypted virus he let loose earlier this decade has been hired by the NZ branch of Australian telecomms giant Telestra — to provide security advice.

Owen Thor Walker — darkside handle ‘Akill’ — was discharged without conviction last year after pleading guilty to six cyber crime charges.

Once the technical mastermind of a an international cyber crime coalition, Walker now consults to Telestra’s biggest clients.

“He [is] able to give advice on how to mitigate the risks and what makes them [cyber criminals] tick, what motivates them,” Telestra Communications Manager Chris Mirams told Radio New Zealand. “He really wants to put his information, his unique insight, to the good for New Zealand businesses.”

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  1. Evolving Squid
    Mar 26, 2009

    He should be in prison with a criminal record.

    Every time some company does this, every security professional in the world loses credibility.

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