A new bill being prepared for introduction in the U.S. Senate would take responsibility for U.S. cyber security away from the Department of Homeland Security and place it directly under the control of U.S. President Barach Obama through a newly-appointed National Security Advisor.

According to a summary of the proposed bill leaked last week, the bill would give the White House the power to coordinate cyber intelligence efforts by both government and civilian agencies and would give the adviser the authority to disconnect from the Internet any networks deemed to be ‘critical’ if they were considered to be at risk of a cyber attack.

The bill would implement a number of recommendations in a report prepared last year by the (US)Center for Strategic and International Studies to advise the Obama regime on security issues.

Predictably, the Internet and telecommunications industries have reacted with alarm to the proposed legislation. And the Department of Homeland Security is already on record as saying it isn’t too happy about the idea, either.

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