The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), an online privacy rights group, has requested that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission grant an injunction that would halt all Google ‘cloud computing’ activities.

The EPIC says Google online services including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and other popular Google Apps should be shut down until the company modifies the apps to ‘adequately safeguard the confidential information’ of users.

Google said, in a statement, that it’s reviewing EPIC’s letter but doesn’t see anything to get upset about…

Many providers of cloud computing services, including Google, have extensive policies, procedures and technologies in place to ensure the highest levels of data protection. Indeed, cloud computing can be more secure than storing information on your own hard drive. We are highly aware of how important our users’ data is to them and take our responsibility very seriously.

EPIC sent its letter earlier this week, after Google accidentally exposed a small number of users’ word processing and presentation documents to public view last week.

EPIC says Google should be forced to pay (US)$5 million into a public fund to support the activities of EPIC and other advocacy groups.

Observers note that EPIC frequently writes such letters to the FTC, targeting a variety of online operators. In particular, it once claimed that Gmail, itself, was illegal and demanded that it be shut down. Epic’s current campaign against Google Apps is expected to be equally successful.

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