Did you know that, when batteries ‘go dead’ in your your favourite portable devices they’re not really, totally dead? They’re just too pooped to participate in that particular activity anymore.

The truth is, there’s usually some power left in every ‘dead’ battery. So, how do we get the rest of the power out and put it to good use?

Enter the ‘Energy Seed’ concept.

Even a little bit of juice can power up a highly-efficient LED bulb or display. And that’s the idea behind the development of low-power devices that can pool the residual energy of several ‘dead’ batteries. LED night lights and digital clocks are among the initial suggested applications for ‘Energy Seed’ technology.

Of course, the batteries do run down completely eventually and must be disposed of accoirding to the regulations that apply in your jurisdiction. But, at least, you can say you got every last bit of usable power out of them first.

The ‘Energy Seed’ concept is currently in development. It could show up in consumer products within the next few years.

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