The Flybar is, essentially, a souped-up pogo stick that lets the daredevil rider perform tricks heretofore possible only on a skate or snowboard under ideal conditions.


The thing will reportedly jump over a compact car, providing enough ‘air time’ to perform flips, somersaults and other previously unthinkable stunts. Users have likened the experience to using a trampoline. Yet, it is entirely powered by the leg and body strength of the rider.

The Flybar is described, on its official Web site, as a collaboration between manufacturer SBI Enterprises of Ellenville, NY, inventor Bruce Middleton and World Cup Champion Skateboarder Andy Macdonald.

Middleton came to SBI four years ago with an idea to supercharge a pogo stick using advance rubber band technology instead of the conventional steel springs that give traditional pogo sticks their motive power.

Now, the collaboration has come to fruition in the Flybar 1200.

Check the Flybar store finder to find out where you can buy the 1200, eithger in the flesh or online. And, if you get good enough at their kind of flying, they’re ‘currently looking to sponsor’ recruiting demonstration riders in several California cities.

“We are always eager to meet athletic individuals with sales and marketing experience,” Flybar insists.

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