Google AdSense recently launched the ‘next thing’ in interactive online advertising. And it’s creating quite a stir, both among Web publishers and their visitors.

Not content to serve up ads keyed to the content on a given Web page, Google has hatched a scheme to spy on surfers who visit any and all Google AdSense-enabled sites, record their movements and create ‘interest profiles’ for each one, in an attempt to serve up personalized ads, regardless of the content on any given site.

As TLP Security correspondent Eric Jacksch reports, the problem with ‘interest based’ advertising is that Web site operators who want to use Google AdSense cannot fully opt out of the interest-based program and visitors to their sites can’t opt out at all.

We believe that’s an egregious, unacceptable breach of visitors’ privacy.

In essence, Google has asked TECHLife Post and myriad other Web site proprietors to choose between AdSense and their visitors. For us, the choice was easy.

We’ve banished Ads by Google from, to preserve your privacy and our own clear conscience.

We hope other self-respecting Web site proprietors will decide in favour of their fans, as well.

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