Industry observers, Apple fans and gadget-space bloggers can’t agree on what Apple’s next iDevice will be. But they seem to have reached a concensus that it won’t be a netbook.

The MacBook Air seems to fill that bill, functionally, albeit at a price somewhat above the notional netbook cieling of (US)$400. In fact, the Air starts at (US)$1,799.

But Apple watchers are relying on reports earlier this week that the company has contracted to buy relatively large (7 in. – 9 in.) touchscreen LCD displays from Taiwan manufacturer Wintek for a new device that, while it will probably be handheld, it will almost certainly take two hands to hold.

Call it the iPad, or the iTablet. Or, perhaps, the iPod Mega.

But it won’t be a netbook. And the prognosticators opine as it won’t be cheap, either.

Stay tuned…

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