British YouTube fans will no longer be able to view music videos on the popular site. At least, for now.

Talks broke down yesterday, between You Tube and British royalty-collecting agency PRS for Music, on a deal that would have let YouTube continue to deliver music videos royalty-free to UK users.

“Our previous license from PRS for Music has expired, and we’ve been unable so far to come to an agreement to renew it on terms that are economically sustainable for us,” YouTube’s parent, Google, said, in a statement.

PRS for Music wasn’t at all happy with Google’s decision to simply block music videos to PRS’s primary market.

“Google has told us they are taking this step because they wish to pay significantly less than at present to the writers of the music on which their service relies, despite the massive increase in YouTube viewing,” the group said, in a statement of its own.

Google’s decision to block music vids to British users is not seen as final, though. Bith sides say thehy hope the dispute can be resolved, quickly.

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