Cloth diapers are nothing new. Neither are cloth table napkins and handkerchiefs. But how do you feel about reusable cloth toilet wipes?

toiletwipes_basic_sml, of Des Moines, IA, has them. And lots of other reusable products that support a ‘natural lifestyle’.

Reuable toilet wipes have myriad advantages over the conventional paper variety, as the Wallypop Web site explains…

For one, it’s a lot more comfortable and soft on your most delicate body parts. It’s also more economical, uses less paper, and saves you those late-night trips to the store. And cloth wipes can be used wet without any of the sopping disintegration that regular toilet paper is prone to.

A ‘discussion of the practical aspects’ of using cloth toilet wipes is also thoughtfully provided. A ‘wet bag’ (like a diaper bag), to store soiled wipes, is available at additional cost.

Wallypop Family Wipes start at (US)$11 per dozen for the basic, cotton model. Check lout the Wallypop site for a vast selection of personal and household products you might not previously have thought of as ‘reusable’.

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  1. Eric Jacksch
    Mar 10, 2009

    One word: Ick.

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