Norton 360 3.0 for 2009 was officially launched late last week., featuring a host of updates and some notable new features.


‘The hallmark of the Norton 2009 product line’ officially requires ‘an average install of approximately one minute and uses less than 10 MB of memory’.

The latest version includes all of the performance and security enhancements of Norton Internet Security 2009, such as Norton Insight and pulse updates that result in intelligent scanning and the industry’s most frequent protection updates.

Norton 360 also includes Norton Safe Web, a Web site rating service designed to extend the suite’s protection to your ‘online experience’, including browsing, searching, shopping and interacting.

A one-year subscription to the product, which can be installed on up to three computers and includes 12 months of security updates, is priced at (US)$79.99. Get it at the Symantec online store or your favourite software source.

For full details on Norton 360 3.0, take the official tour at the Norton Web site.

2 Responses to Norton 360 3.0 for 2009 released

  1. Evolving Squid
    Mar 09, 2009

    Buying into the Norton product line is kind of like joining the Church of Scientology…

    It will suck up your resources, and take a lot of your money, while giving you very little that can’t be had for free or more cheaply elsewhere.

    The performance of all my systems improved substantially when I removed Norton. So too did my wallet – Norton is the most expensive of the breed.

  2. Eric Jacksch
    Mar 09, 2009

    In the past I might have agreed, but Norton sent me a copy of Norton Internet Security, I installed it on my laptop and the performance is much better than I expected. They’ve gone as far as adding an indicator that will show you what percentage of CPU cycles their app is using compared to other apps on your system.

    Norton also has released an AV specifically for gamers — we’re still waiting for a copy to test out.

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