Most of us are familiar with the hard-sell Gillette commercials for its five-blade Fusion razor. They hired not one, not two but three sports stars to sell other men on the proposition that five blades are better than three, in open defiance of the notion they previously spend millions to promote, that three blades were better than two.

Well, three blades will cost you 50 per cent more than two and five will cost at least 50 per cent more than three. And, if the promotional campaign is successful, Gillette’s profits will continue to soar.

Oddly, the same razors are available in a functionally-identical women’s version, albeit with fancier ‘comfort strip’ features, at even fancier prices. But Gillette and other personal products makers know that women will always pay more for things that make them feel good and more attractive. They also know that women won’t change blades nearly as often as men, another reason Gillette needs more cash per blade from women.

Now that we’ve provided a primer in Gillette marketing techniques, allow us to introduce their latest gimmick: The Gillette Fusion Gamer.


Not content with bombarding people who actually play sports like golf, baseball and tennis with their Fusion message, Gillette has created a version of the five-blade razor for computer gamers. And, yes, the company has recruited animated versions of the same three sports stars to sell it.

What makes the Fusion Gamer different from other Fusion razors? Well… There’s a new colour scheme for the handle and a new, glitzy package.

And that’s about it.

For the full-effect, animated Web promotion, visit the Gillette Web site and select ‘Fusion Gamer’ under the ‘Products’ tab. Gals may get a giggle out of it and most guys under 30 — especially those who embrace the stubbly look —  really should visit the ‘How To Shave’ tab.

Just one closing observation about Gillette’s marketing research prowess: How many hard-core guy gamers do you know who shave regularly?

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  1. Evolving Squid
    Mar 06, 2009

    Last razor I bought was in 1984.

    Besides, real computer gamers don’t shave.

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