Some inventions are amazing and iconic because of their tremendous contribution to humanity. The steam engine revolutionized transportation. Penicillin cured the previously incurable. The telephone forever changed how we communicate.

But other inventions are amazing and iconic because of their stupidity. The Ford Edsel was one of the biggest failures in the history of American business. Tobacco kills more than five million people a year. And don’t forget the amusingly dumb motorcycle seat belt…

Then, there are some inventions that are amazing and iconic because they’re just plain evil.

Ruyan, a Chinese company, recently introduced the V8. Not to be confused with the American vegetable drink of the same name (which wouldn’t be so bad if they’d actually put some identifiable vegetables in there with all the salt), the Ruyan V8 is an allegedly ‘safe’ cigarette alternative which releases a nicotine-infused mist without all the tar and other poisons that actual smoking deposits in a tobacco user’s body.

Sure, The V8 might be less harmful than smoking a burning cigarette but that’s just a smoke screen. It’s like the corner drug dealer pushing heroin because it’s safer than crack.

It’s really no surprise that this is coming from China. They can’t keep toxic lead out of baby toys and melamine out of formula. So, why not export these electronic cigarettes in hopes of not only up-selling current smokers to a more expensive product while also luring new customers on the premise that it’s ‘safe’?

Nicotine is highly addictive and harmful. No matter what the slimy Chinese drug dealers say. And no matter how sophisticated the twenty-first century technology they may use to veil the truth.

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