You may have caught our recent exposé on Apple’s iPhone Apps store, the one in which a PinchMedia survey revealed that the vast majority of iPhone apps downloaded by users are abandoned within 24 hours of being installed.

In the interests of balanced journalism, we now present what some consider the most useful iPhone app yet devised: The Pizza Calculator, created by Jonah Burlingame, Dan Wassink and Tom Westerlund.

As the official Pizza Calculator Web site explains:

Pizza is a universally loved food. And we often order it for groups because it is such a crowd-pleaser. But few things get messier than trying to order pizzas for a group. Notice how many people shrink away from the placing the order – and who could blame them?

But with the Pizza Calculator on your iPhone or iPod Touch you will eagerly take on the task of determining who wants what toppings and how many pizzas to order? This handy application simply takes in each person’s desired toppings and calculates how many pizzas of which size and with what proportion of toppings need to be ordered.

The calculator lets you choose from 30 of the most popular toppings (i.e.- virtually all of the most popular toppings) and optimizes your order to ensure everyone on your guest list gets enough while minimizing leftovers.

But leftovers may not be a huge problem for some. I vividly  recall being told, by my family doctor, that it’s healthier to have a piece of leftover pizza for breakfast than it is to have cereal, toast and fruit. You need the protien and carbs with which pizza is loaded to fuel yourself optimally heading into the most active part of your day. Nope that she recommends just as strongly that you not include the beer or soda you might normally consume with pizza in your morning-after ‘encore’.

2 Responses to Most useful iPhone app yet?

  1. Dexter
    Jun 30, 2009

    This is so NOT the most useful iPhone app!

  2. Really?
    Jul 24, 2009

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most USELESS iPhone App!

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