The OWLink FO2800 series of connectivity devices uses innovative optical fibre technology to distribute high definition TV signals anywhere you choose at distances up to 1,000 ft / 300 m.


FO2800 make[s] it easy to set up whole house video and audio distribution. By using an external A/V switch, one set of source devices can be accessed by multiple displays located in various places throughout the home. Each display can access a separate video and audio source, making it possible, for example, to watch a sports event while listening to your music.

The OWLink FO2800 sends video and audio signals without compression and accommodates control signals as well. The system is compatible with HDCP ‘content protection’.

The manufacturer also suggests the FO2600 is ideal for commercial applications, such as sports bars, digital signage/public display, gyms, etc., that require long distribution runs.

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