That’s now a reality, in remote controls for most household consumer electronics gadgets, at least.


Green Peak Technologies of Utrecht, the Netherlands, has released a new design that not only eliminates the need for a clear line of sight from remote to TV but eliminates the need for batteries in the remote.

Green Peak’s ultra-low power radio frequency (RF) remote technology can also provide two-way communications between a remote and the device it controls.

RF remote controls provide two way high speed communication and do not require line of sight as the signal goes through walls and floors. It is excellent for controlling equipment inside a cabinet or in another room. With a nice stylish flat screen on the wall, people do not want to have DVD-players or set-top boxes within sight. …

RF remote controls equipped with GreenPeak’s communication controller can be made maintenance free: a single watch type battery can outlast the life time of the remote.

Greenpeak is in the process of licensing its technology to the people who make remorts and the devices they control. Look for the new technology in stores within in a year or so.

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