From the ‘because we can’ department, a new dimension in shower satisfaction…

Shower technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. We no longer have to worry about sudden scalds or freeze-ups when someone else in the house turns on a tap. And we can choose more designs and variations in shower heads and jets than our parents ever imagined.


But now, The Glo Company has added a temperature sensor and LED arrays to a luxury two-way (wall mount or hand-held) shower wand to produce a coloured shower stream that changes from green to blue to purple to orange to red as the water temperature rises.

The LED Shower Head is also notable from a technical standpoint in that it generates the tiny current required to run the LEDs from the action of the water running through the head. No batteries required, ever. It’s about (US)$60 ordered from the manufacturer ‘s Web site.

And the Valentine’s angle? Turn down the lights, turn the shower up to *red* and enjoy a long, luxurious lather with your significant other…

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