The Save Our Net coalition, formed almost two years ago to champion the concept of Net Neutrality in Canada, called on all its supporters — and all Canadians — this week to make their feelings known to the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) about Internet traffic management proposals to be considered in official hearings this summer. was founded in May, 2008, ‘in response to Internet throttling and other anti-competitive actions of some of Canada’s large telecom companies’.


The deadline for public submissions to the consultation process preceding the July Net Neutrality hearings is next Monday, February 16, 2009. Any Canadian can register their views by signing the SaveOurNet online petition.

For more information about the CRTC process and background information on the Net Neutrality hearings, visit the CRTC Web site.

If you feel strongly about Internet throttling, you may well be concerned about Internet free speech, too.


The Hands of MY NET! (HOMN) campaign against Internet censorship is addressing that threat on a global scale.

Visit Hands off MY Net! campaign headquarters for the latest news on Internet censorship, and sign the HOMN petition to protect your right to online freedom of speech.

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