From the highly-effective low tech department…

Every man’s Valentines question: What do women really want?

Our answer: A good night’s sleep!


His … and … Hers

Tune-in to almost any ‘lifestyle’ cable TV channel these days for the lowdown on the Breathe Right nasal strip, right from the inventor’s mouth. (He’s making his own commercials, now.) As with many other great discoveries, necessity was the mother of his now-famous invention. Available at any well-stocked pharmacy. And be sure to visit the Breath Right online Learning Center for answers to all your nocturnal nose noise questions.

Pretty In Pink women’s ear plugs are specifically advertised by the manufacturer, DAP World, as a defense against snoring husbands. Retail card pack contains four pairs of ‘silky-soft & comfortable’ pink plugs and a convenient carrying case. Reduces noise by at least 32 decibels.

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