Google is just full of new features and enhancements, these days!

The latest is Multiple Inboxes display for GMail.

As developer Vivi Costache explains in the Official GMail Blog:

I’m seriously into filters and labels. All the email I get related to Flash goes under my ‘flash’ label, everything about paragliding goes under ‘flying’, and they all skip my inbox because that’s how I like to stay organized. But when new email arrives I have to switch to the “flash” label first, then click on ‘paragliding’, etc. I wanted a way to see it all at once.

So he went ahead and created a new GMail feature that would let him — and us — do just that.


You can turn on Multiple Inboxes from the Labs tab under Settings in your GMail client. Costache says the feature is fully customizable, so spend some time playing with it to get your new Multiple Inbox GMail screen looking just the way you want it.

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