Medical science has known, for a couple of decades, now, that passing a weak electric current through a broken arm can help the bones knit faster.

Now, Vomaris Innovations of Chandler, AZ, is bringing to market an ‘electric bandaid’ designed to help skin wounds heal faster.

The PROCELLERA wound dressing is composed of a single later of a special polyester fabric containing proprietary chemical compounds ‘designed to emulate the natural electrical energy found in living tissue’.

As the Vomaris Web site explains, “Simply moisten the patented PROCELLERA dressing and apply directly to either acute or chronic wounds. PROCELLERA then activates to become an antimicrobial barricade to infection, with patients reporting enhanced healing with significant pain reduction.”

The accompanying before-and-after pictures, in the online product brochure, are literally worth a 1,000 words of description.

The PROCELLERA wound dressing is U.S. FDA approved.

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