After 11 days of online visitor voting and more than 300,000 ballots cast, has declared a winner in its competition to determine the most popular ‘As Seen On TV’ product of all time.

as_seen_on_tv_smlStarting with a field of 64 products advertised in pitch-man style TV commercials, divided into four tech categories, CNBC gradually closed in on a champion via a tournament playdown grid.

The George Forman Grill and the ShamWow super towel faced off against each other in the final, climactic showdown. And ShamWow emerged the victor.

A curious footnote to the CNBC ‘As Seen On TV’ tech showdown: It seems that the company behind ShamWow isolates itself pretty effectively from outside contact. CNBC reps reported being unable to find a phone number (other than the one at which operators seem perpetually to be standing by to take orders) and they received no response to e-mails to the only contact address listed on the company Web site. Which put CNBC in the odd position of having an award which they could not present and a winner they could not interview.

It was truly an anticlimactic finish to a dramatic race that engaged the interest of a huge online audience. ShamWow marketing brain trust, take note — wherever you are…


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