The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has launched a national program to facilitate the responsible recycling of cell phone handsets by Canadian users.


The official news release describes the Recycle My Cell program as, “…a new Web-based initiative designed to make it even easier for Canadians to recycle their old cell phones.”

The goal of this program is to raise awareness about the importance of cell phone recycling and keep handsets from entering Canada’s landfills. And just as important, the proceeds from the recycled wireless devices go to benefit many local and national charities.

“Canada’s wireless companies have long been leaders in developing green business strategies,” said CWTA President and CEO Bernard Lord. “The new Recycle My Cell program further illustrates that thinking green doesn’t need to be complicated, yet the results can have a major impact on protecting our environment and enriching the communities in which we live.”

Finding one of Canada’s more than 3,500 cell phone recycling drop-off locations is simple: Just visit the Recycle My Cell Web site and enter your postal code. This generates a list of the ten cell phone recycling drop-off sites closest to you. And if you can’t visit one of these drop-off locations in person, the Web site provides a postage-paid label that you can print, as well as instructions for clearing your device of all personal data before you submit it for recycling.

You can also call 1-888-797-1740 for more information on the program.

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