U.S. Tech industry lobbyists think so, and they’re pushing their proposition hard to U.S. President-Elect Barach Obama.

The Information Technology and Innovation Association (ITIA), a major U.S. tech lobbying organization, this week released a report predicting that a (US)$30 billion infusion of tax dollars into broadband infrastructure, health IT and electric power grid sectors could result in the creation of 949,000 new jobs in the next 12 months, more than half of them in what the U.S. government categorizes as ‘small businesses’, in this case, regional service providers, contractors and companies that supply the industries named.

The report argues that spending stimulus money in the IT sector would have a stronger impact on jobs and productivity than investments in more-traditional areas because the IT sector can respond quickly creating new services and applications which depend on broadband and power availability.

The ITIA doesn’t suggest where the (US)$30 billion should come from but observers assume the the plan would simply add to the (US)$1.2 trillion deficit that President-Elect Obama told reporters earlier this week he expects to inherit from the outgoing Bush administration.

And it’s instructive to put the ITIA plan into perspective vis à vis the big economic recovery picture: To date, motorhome builders, car makers, some major cities, the American Corm Growers Association (on behalf of struggling ethanol refiners) and a variety of others have warned that their industries will collapse if the government doesn’t give them billions, too. Even Larry Flint’s Hustler magazine has gotten into the act, proposing a bailout for the porn publishing industry.

This one’s far from over…

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