Like many businesses and virtually all government agencies, TECHLife Post will be operating on a reduced schedule over the Christmas and New Years holidays.

While most of our regular contributors, including staff writers and columnists, will be on vacation from December 24, 2008, to January 4, 2009, a skeleton crew will “keep the ship on course” and keep an eye on the global news machine, in case anything noteworthy comes to pass.

The thing is… Traditionally, very little that qualifies as grist for our editorial mill comes down the wires over the year-end holiday break. Companies generally don’t conclude mergers, announce new products, appoint new CEOs or perform any other planned high-level business manoeuvres during the holiday shut-down.

Nevertheless, there’s just as much of a chance, during the holidays as at any other time, that a major technology figure will pass away, a factory disaster will cause a supply panic for some tech product or another … or some major corporate player will try to sneak through a potentially embarrassing or unpopular announcement when it thinks the media aren’t looking.

So, a TLP Editor will be on duty at all times to bring you any news that does break.

We’ll also be posting year-end backgrounders, from time to time over the holidays, offering look-back and look-ahead perspectives on a variety of tech living issues, for your holiday reading pleasure.

See you in the New Year!


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