Internet security leader McAfee Inc. has released a major update of its popular free Site Advisor application which, “helps consumers know what is safe and what may be risky on the Web.”

According to the official McAfee update anouncement, “Risky sites are indicated by a ‘Red’ rating in McAfee SiteAdvisor software after each site has been tested for spyware, drive-by downloads, spammy e-mails, scam products, phishing or other malicious activity. Sites with minor security or nuisance issues merit a ‘Yellow’ caution rating. Sites with no problems found are rated ‘Green’.”

The latest update adds a new Secure Search Box which is designed to simplify the Site Advisor screening process, lets users block and filter known malicious Web sites from their search results and integrates the McAfee SECURE trustmarks rating system with all aspects of their Web experience.

“Sites that carry the McAfee SECURE trustmark undergo intensive daily testing for more than 10,000 known hacker vulnerabilities to help consumers avoid identity theft when purchasing online. … Currently, more than 80,000 Web sites carry the McAfee SECURE trustmark.”

You can find out more and download the updated McAfee Site Adviser from the official Site Adviser Web site.

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