Google’s Chrome Web browser finally went into official release yesterday, following 100 days of intensive public beta-stage development and 14 successive pre-release updates.

Google VP Marissa Mayer told reporters at the Le Web 08 conference in Paris, France, that Google techs had posted the first non-beta version of the new browser for download earlier that day.

Apparently, those downloading Chrome for the first time from the official Web site will get the new version first. Google will start pushing the update to some 10 million existing users today.

If you want to find out which version of Chrome you currently have, you can simply check the browser’s ‘About’ page. Chrome is set to check for updates after every five hours of operation.

Google Vice President of Product development, Sundar Pichai told reporters that the first official release version of Chrome will be significantly faster than previous versions and will contain many tweaks and bug fixes.

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