It’s a brave new world for all of us, now that the Internet has permeated every last corner of our lives. Even Santa and his elves have had to embrace social media to keep up with the generation of kids who are connected to the Internet via their umbilical cords.

I have a soft spot for Christmas. I always have. Must come from being named after a reindeer. So, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with my top five favourite places to find Santa online:

5. Santa has his own Facebook page, of course.

4. Forget waiting for snail mail. You can send Santa an e-mail and get a reply, via Canada Post.

3. Santa keeps an eye on who’s naughty and who’s nice via his Twitter account.

2. On Christmas Eve, you don’t have to rely on the nightly news to bring you news of Santa’s progress like we did when I was a kid. Now, you can track Santa’s progress online thanks to Norad’s Santa Tracker.

1. This made my four- and six-year-olds’ jaws drop open in astonishment. At the Portable North Pole, after you go in and answer a few questions and submit a photo, Santa will send a personalized video message to your child. I loved the look on my oldest son’s face when Santa looked him up in his big book and right there was a picture of Tristan. Priceless! (Available only to residents of Canada.)

Only two weeks left until Chrismas! Let the holiday madness begin!

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