Wal Mart seems to have cornered the market on the Nintendo Wii game and entertainment console this season…

The popular alternative — both in price and function — to the more-expensive Microsoft (MS) Xbox and the Sony Playstation 3 has been notoriously hard to get. In fact, most of the major big-box and department store retailers were sold out of the Wii by the end of last week.

However, Wal Mart yesterday joyfully announced that it has ‘tens of thousands’ of Wiis selling separately at (US)$249.24 and in a ‘value bundle’, which includes a Wii console, extra controllers and other accessories, for (US)$329.

The Wii has emerged as one of the most popular gift items this holiday season. It was the most-searched-for product on Yahoo! on Black Friday (the day after U.S. Thanksgiving and the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season in the States) and units were going for up to (US)$349. the same day on Ebay.

Now, however, Wal Mart has plenty of Wiis and will offer a special two-for-(US)$30. deal on selected Wii games. Selected Wii accessories will also be discounted.

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