Sort of.

A new application from the Truphone division of the UK’s Software Cellular Network Ltd. turns any second generation iPod Touch into a WiFi Voice over IP (VoIP) internet phone.

According to the product Web site, Truphone users can, “make free calls to other Truphone or Google Talk users [dubbed ‘TruFriends’] from any Wi-Fi zone, using your iPod Touch’s internet connection and a headphone with mic, or mic adapter. Tell your friends – if you both install Truphone you can call each other for free using your iPod Touch and your local wireless access point. Not a phone (or phone bill) in sight!”

Now, it’s clear that a TruPhone-enabled iPod Touch is much closer to a voice-chat device than it is to a full-fledged iPhone Touch. But, given the popularity of the iPod Touch, the addiction that kids of all ages have developed to ‘instant messaging’ of all descriptions — and the fact that the TruPhone app is free — it seems safe to say that TruPhoning has the potential to become a serious fad.

Is Apple concerned that this third-party app will compete with its flagship iPhone? Apparently not. The TruPhone app is also available from Apple’s official iTunes App store.

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