It’s the loooong Thanksgiving Day weekend in the U.S. and that means that U.S. corporations, institutions and government agencies are pretty much shut down.

For U.S. residents, that means a four-day break from the work-a-day routine, and the official start of the holiday shopping season.

For the news business, it means a brief, almost surreal calm in the usual information storm — like the eye of a hurricane. Past experience strongly suggests that there will be no merger, bankruptcy, new product, government regulation, technology breakthrough or other major announcements in the TECHLife Post domain until sometime this coming Monday afternoon, when the major news-producing nation in the world kicks back into gear and gets back up to speed.

As a former boss and mentor of mine used to say, “There’s no news like ‘no news’,” Which meant that, if you were the unattached, low gal on the newsroom totem pole whose family was in a another city hours away in the best of weather, and had to work on statutory holidays, at least there wasn’t all that much news to deal with. And there was no guilt or recrimination associated with not really working that hard to dig any up…

So… We’ll be updating our news feeds on an attenuated basis for the duration of the current holiday period, and focusing on more-in-dept stories designed to help carry you through the weekend!

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