C’mom guys… You know you want one!

YoYoTech House of Technology in the UK is offering what may be the ultimate gift for the computer geek on your list this holiday season: The Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 desktop PC.

YoYoTech claims the MLK1610 is the fasted production desktop PC, with an INTEL Core i7-965 3.73 GHz processor, 6 GB of fast DDR3 system RAM, 2 GB of dedicated graphics RAM, a Blu-ray DVD drive and a monstrous 700 watt power supply. The Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit operating system is pre-installed.

As you might expect, the MLK1610 is fully customizable. It comes with an 80 GB hard drive, for the operating system and other basic applications and a 1 TB (terabyte) secondary drive for user files — but there’s loads of room for further expansion in the darkly powerful looking YoYoTech Haf 932 tower case.

About the only drawback (for most of us, anyway) is the price: Just under (US)$8,000 — plus shipping.

Theoretically, there’s till time to order for delivery in time for Christmas, depending on the shipping option you choose. But, if you’re springing eight grand for a computer, another (US)$200 or so for ‘air express’ shouldn’t be an issue.

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