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Xbox users are flooding the Xbox support forums with reports of DVD drive failures and outright system freeze-ups on their game consoles, following installation of the latest Microsoft (MS) Xbox Live software update.

As The Telegraph’s Claudine Beaumont reports, “Microsoft said it was aware of the issues and was working hard to resolve them. ‘This has been a revolutionary time for Xbox 360,’ said a spokesperson for the company. ‘We pushed out the [software update] to over 14 million Xbox Live members worldwide. As a result of an unprecedented level of member activity, a small percentage of Xbox Live users may have experienced temporary service issues or delays.’”

“The Xbox 360 console has been beset by technical problems in recent years. Many users have experienced the so-called “red ring of death”, a fault that causes their console to freeze during use, prompting Microsoft to offer repairs and replacement consoles to those affected.”

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