…And it’s time to start making our year-end gift giving and entertaining plans!

To that end, today, we offer the first of a series of Holiday Gift Guide new product snapshots.

In keeping with our overall ‘tech lifestyle’ theme, we’ll provide online shopping sources for all of the items we spotlight under the Gift Guide banner. Just remember to order early to allow for shipping!

That’s not to say that some of the Holiday gift items we feature may not also be available in local stores. If so, call that a bonus! But we’re planning to share our more exotic and ‘out-there’ gift ideas in the Gift Guide.

Gift-giving mainstays — such as cameras, personal electronics, computer accoutrements and so on — will appear under our regular New Products and Review banners.

So… Stay tuned to TLP as the Holidays draw nearer and share the goodies we have for you under our tree!

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