From: Yahoo! Tech —

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama leveraged the Internet skillfully during his successful campaign against John McCain.

Observers are now wondering how he’ll use it as President.

According to Yahoo! Tech News, political and Internet sphere observers expect Obama to take maximum advantage of the opportunities the Web has to offer to make his government’s policies known to Americans and to mobilize support for its initiatives.

“It could, for example, email or text message or call people who live in certain districts to get them to lobby their senators and congressmen on issues that the Obama administration cares about,” said Julie Germany, Director of George Washington University’s Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet.

“[Obama] is going to learn, either by succeeding or failing at this, that the more he partners with his supporters the more power he will have,” said Micah Sifry, co-founder of, a blog about politics and the Web. “By giving people a sense that they really do have a stake and a say they will be much more motivated to do things in support of his legislative agenda because they’ll feel like it’s their agenda, too.”

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