As leaked last week, Rogers Communications Inc. has relaunched its Fido ‘value’ service with a new logo and new low-price plans. The new Fido also offers something called an ‘owner’s guarantee’, which includes access to new features that will let customers manage their cell phone services, including usage limit alerrts, easy price plan switching and what Fido is calling a ‘no-term’ contract. The current service offering is in effect until at least December 31, 2008. For details, visit the Fido Web site.

Bell Mobility’s Solo bargain brand has also revamped its service plans, with special offers good from now to December 31, 2008. Solo counters the new Fido offering with four fresh ‘Unbeatable’ plans of its own, starting at (C)$15 per month. Visit the Solo Web site for details.

Bell Mobility has also become the first Canadian cell/wireless provider to offer roll-over minutes on six of its service plans, starting at (C)$30 per month. For details, visit the Bell Mobility Web site.

Back to Rogers for a moment… Rogers and Research In Motion (RIM) have introduced the new Blackberry Pearl Flip phone to the Canadian market. The Pearl is jsut (C)$49.95 with any combination of Rogers voice and data service plans totalling at least (C)$35 per month.

The new Sony/Ericsson Walkman W760 smart phone is also available through Rogers, now, at prices beginning at (c)$49.95, depending o n the service plan you choose.

Visit the Rogers Wireless Web site for details.

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