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Now that we have the Canadian and American elections out of the way, we can turn our attention to something that really matters: the bloggy award season!

Nominations are now being accepted for the best from the Canadian blogosphere in the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards. This annual competition allows anyone to nominate a favourite Canadian blog or blogger in categories including “Best New Blog”, “Best Political Blog”, “Best Humour Blog” and “Best Personal Blog.”

Canadians can nominate their favourite blogs by choosing the applicable category and leaving a comment at www.canadianblogawards.ca until November 22, 2008. Two rounds of voting will follow. The first round will narrow each category to five finalists, and a second vote will determine the winner in each category.

This is the fifth year for the Canadian Blog Awards, a national competition run by Canadian bloggers (including yours truly!) for Canadian bloggers and blog readers. Last year, more than 700 blogs were nominated in 28 categories, and more than 45,000 votes were cast — an impressive number, considering only one vote per IP address per round was permitted. Last year, while I bailed out of the end of the awards to birth my third son, my cohorts came up with some fun videos to announce category winners with celebrities such as Jack Layton, a bobble-head doll and a talking ball of yarn.

If you’re not here in Canada, you might want to nominate a favourite blog or blogger at the 2008 Weblog Awards instead.

It only takes a moment to give a nod to your favourite blogger, so get out and nominate someone today!

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