Internet security developer Kaspersky Lab’s Security Network reports a sharp increase in online malware threats this past September.

Kaspersky’s October, 2008, Monthly Malware Statistics report reveals an increase over more than 10 per cent in the incidence of, “malicious programs, including adware and potentially unwanted programs,” over that period.

In a nutshell, the reports concludes:

“Overall, 39,240 unique malicious programs, adware programs, and potentially unwanted programs were detected on users’ computers in September. Clearly, the number of threats in the wild is increasing, and this month the increase was approximately 4,000. (35,103 programs were detected in September.)”

The technically-minded can access the full report at the Kaspersky Web site.

The rest of us might simply do well to follow Kaspersky’s advice and make sure our Internet security measures are enabled and our Windows Updates are up-to-date.

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