From: Yahoo! News —

Around the world, supporters and critics alike celebrated the victory of Barack Obama in last night’s U.S. Presidential election in their own virtual ways…

As Derrik Lang of Yahoo! News reports, ‘…While crowds gathered at public rallies and millions of others simply glued themselves to television news coverage, many spent election night online — and they had plenty of company. Students at Navarro College posted a video of themselves reacting — screaming, jumping up and down, more screaming — to Obama’s win. Another YouTuber uploaded his toast to Obama: He gulped a 2-liter bottle of soda. … Elsewhere, dozens of Obama supporters clapped, danced and cheered inside the behemoth virtual world Second Life immediately after the Democratic nominee seized the electoral votes. Many avatars were left out of the virtual celebration in Obama’s unofficial Second Life headquarters because the digital enclave had reached maximum capacity”

For the first time, election coverage Web sites such as and Yahoo!’s Election Dashboard carried information on all races, updated instantly as the results came in, on all races, at county-level data ‘resolution’.

Traffic on social networking sites hummed all evening — starting when avid Netizens got home from work yesterday afternoon — but exploded when Obama was declared the winner, just after 11:00 p.m. Eastern time, when the last polls closed on the west coast.

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