A week before America went to the polls, the gaming world declared its ‘winners’ in the U.S. presidential race.

Pandemic Studios announced that Barack Obama and Sara Palin will be available as downloadable playable characters in its forthcoming major release: Mercenaries 2, World in Flames.

Pandemic exec Tom Stratton explains: “Mercenaries 2 is a game seemingly ripped straight out of today’s headlines and fueled with the same type of over-the-top action found in the best summer blockbuster films. It only makes sense we inject the game with a spin on current affairs. The timing was too good to let pass.”

According to GamePolitics.com, Obama struggles with a tank commander before dropping a grenade into the turret. Palin, clad in a signature-red designer jacket and fashionable black skirt, wields an RPG and beats a helicopter pilot into unconsciousness.

Oddly, Republican presidential contender John McCain — the only member of either ticket who can actually claim combat experience — won’t make an on-screen appearance.

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