Behold the CineMassive OmegaPlex jumbo display

They don’t call the OmegaPlex ‘the final word in multi-monitor displays’ for nothing.

This 27.6 million pixel ‘wall’ of video will dominate any room. Composed of 12 24 in. diagonal widescreen monitors in a 3 x 4 matrix, the monster measures almost 80 in. / 200 cm wide by 44 in. / 110 cm tall and sports a composite functional resolution of 7,680 x 3,600 pixels.

One small technical detail that might hang-up some potential buyers: The computer or video system you use to drive the OmegaPlex must have 12 DVI digital video outputs…

Nevertheless, if you buy the OmegaPlex direct from the manufacturer, you can take advantage of a ‘new low price’ of (US)$12,995.

And, if that’s too rich for your blood, tour the CineMassive Web site for details on their entire line, starting with more-modest dual-, triple- and quad-panel displays, starting from ‘just’ (US)$749.

Merry Christmas! Maybe…

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