From: The Seattle Times —

A new survey by virologists at the University of Virginia shows that common objects and surfaces in homes (and we assume, by association, office environments) can harbour germs deposited by one family member, friend or colleague and pass them on to others.

As Marilynn Marchione reports, in The Seattle Times, the chief culprits in the home identified by the sampling survey included door handles, light switches, faucet handles, telephone handsets and TV remotes.

We feel safe in extrapolating the danger that the study associates with phones and remotes to cell phones and other handheld digital devices, desktop PC keyboards and mice, and game console controllers.

The risk may be amplified in offices and public places such as libraries which offer community Internet access terminals, Internet cafés and computer gaming emporia. Not to mention schools, daycare centres and — yes — even doctor’s office and medical facility waiting rooms.

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