It’s not so much about the big-screen LCD TV that folds away under his bed. It’s about the gadget that makes the TV fold away under the bed. (Check out the video at the K2 Web site.)

The Underbed Lift, from K2 mounts, can neatly stow Plasma or LCD TVs up to 50 in. (diagonal) in size and weighing up to 165 lb / 75 kg under a standard king- or queen-size bed — and automatically deploy them for bedtime viewing at the touch of a button. Alas, the Underbed Lift can’t be used with captain’s beds (with drawers beneath) or waterbeds (on solid platforms). A minimum of 8 in. of clearance is required.

What about installation? The Lift is designed with every imaginable user in mind, the K2 Web site assures us:

“If you select our wiring package, you receive our lift pre-wired for 7.1 Surround, tactile transducers, DVI, VGA, S-Video, component, subwoofer and surge suppressor which will substantially reduce your installation time and costs. A specialized equipment enclosure places all of the AV equipment in the lift and under the bed. Use your own speakers or choose one of our high quality speaker packages to create the ultimate sound experience.”

Just one problem, as far as we can see: Neither the K2 Web site nor any of the retailers it lists deigns to mention a price for the Underbed Lift. Which leads us to infer that it’s pretty expensive…

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