As Art Seidman reports, in the official Yahoo! Search blog, Yahoo! has released an updated and enhanced version of its popular Inquisitor browser plugin for Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox.

Inquisitor 3.0 reportedly offers some significant enhancements over its predecessors. Among the new features, an enhanced search algorithm designed to return more personalized, targeted results. You can also add bookmarks to search results, now, allowing almost instant recall of items you’ve searched out (and tagged) previously.

Seidman adds, “Beyond these enhancements, the focus of Inquisitor, regardless of browser platforms, remains squarely on providing you with instant Web results that get you to your destination faster, the best query formulation assistance and a richer, more personalized search experience.”

Inquisitor was released for Apple’s Safari browser earlier this year. Version 3.0 is now available, free, for Safari, IE 7 and 8 and well as Firefox 2 and 3, via separate links from the Search Blog entry.

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