McAfee Inc., a leader in consumer and enterprise information security technology, today announced a new initiative designed to ‘close critical gaps in the fight against cybercrime’.

The McAfee Initiative to Fight Cybercrime (MIFC) is described as a multi-point plan that includes calls for action from law enforcement, academia, service providers, government, the security industry and society at large to deliver more effective investigations and prosecutions of cybercrime.

“Cybercrime is a growing problem that negatively impacts everybody,” said Dave DeWalt, McAfee President and CEO. “While a lot has been done to combat cybercrime over the past decade, criminals still have the upper hand. The chances of getting caught for knocking off a convenience store are several times larger than robbing an online bank. This must change.”

The MIFC will be guided in tis work by an Advisory Council. This global group of independent experts will be chaired by former White House Cybersecurity Adviser Howard A. Schmidt.

The MIFC will concentrate its efforts in three areas:

Education and Awareness — McAfee will work to ensure that officials around the world have the capacity to properly fight cybercrime, while helping users build “street smarts” so that they don’t become easy victims.

Legal Frameworks and Law Enforcement — McAfee will work to facilitate international collaboration, and mutual assistance on cybercrime among governments, industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Innovation — McAfee will work with the technology industry to provide technology solutions that stay one step ahead of the threats.

Full details of the MIFC are posted at the McAfee Web site.

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