From: Yahoo!Tech

Japanese innovators have harnessed a new, plentiful source of energy that’s available anywhere you are. Call it “shuffle power”.

As Yahoo!Tech reports, Japanese telecommunications giant NTT has invented a pair of shoes that generate electricity as you walk.

The pressure of the wearer’s weight on the shoes’ water-filled soles causes water to spurt through tiny generators producing up to 1.2 watts of power. NTT says that’s sufficient to keep a portable music player or cell phone working¬†as long as the user keeps walking.

The system could easily be upgraded by adding a battery and charger circuit to the generator shoes allowing users to generate power as they walk and use it later, when they may not necessarily be in motion.

And NTT says it will continue to develop and refine its generator shoes with the goal of pumping up their output to at least 3.0 watts. And generator shoes could appear on store shelves as early as 2010.

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