Legendary computer security vendor McAfee Inc. has launched its 2009 array of consumer/SOHO security suites claiming revolutionary advances in PC protection and and scanning speed.

The 2009 McAfee lineup includes the McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee VirusScan suites.

According to the official new product release, these complementary products, “change the computer security landscape by perfectly matching a consumer’s need to be protected from the myriad of ever-evolving threats with an extremely fast computing experience.”

McAfee 2009 ‘innovations and products highlights’ include:

  • Revolutionary Active Protection technology which delivers the fastest detection of malware in the world;
  • Accelerated PC performance over last year’s products with less impact on start-up, shorter scan times and faster launching of common applications;
  • New, powerful enterprise-grade spam protection, which catches 99 per cent of all spam;
  • Improved protection in the home with network monitoring to alert consumers when intruders connect to their network;
  • Even more comprehensive protection in 2009, including file protection for sensitive financial documents, and safe shop which protects from identity theft and credit card fraud when shopping online.

Of particular interest is McAfee’s new Active Protection Technology, which instantly updates users security systems as soon as a new malware exploit is discovered and analyzed by McAfee and has been rated best-in-class for accuracy, scoring ratings of 99 per cent or better in tests by independent security consultants.

The McAfee Internet Security 2009 suite is priced at US$59.99, via download. The Viruscan Plus 2009 package is just (US)$39.99 and a McAfee Total Protection 2009 one-year subscription usable on up to three PCs, goes for (US)$69.99.

Get all the details and purchase the new McAfee 2009 security suite that suits you best at the McAfee Web site, or visit your favourite computer or business supply store.

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